Our City - Veszprém

Standing next to the statues of St. Stephen and Blessed Gisella (by József Ispánky,1938) we can have a beautiful view on the houses and zigzag streets of the former old town, the double arch of the Valley Bridge on the left, the sometimes barren, sometimes ivied rocks of Benedict Hill on the right and the dark range of the Bakony Hills in the far distance.
Veszprém is often called the town of winds and bells: according to the legend if the wind is not blowing, the bells are ringing. At this point of the town, however, the wind from the Bakony Hills never stops blowings. We are standing at the top of a one thousand-year-old castle with a stormy past – with the romantic past of the castle behind us and the 11th century old town in front of us: past and present intertwined...

Vissza az oldal tetejére